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The consequences of introducing foreign substances into the body-things that never belonged there and should not be allowed there now-helps explain the harmful effects of vaccinations.  The "main ingredients" of vaccines are foreign proteins ad other materials that, because they are injected directly into the bloodstream, actually become part of our genetic makeup.

While no medicine can guarantee 100 percent immunity, a century of medical literature reveals that the homeopathic remedies are as effective in conferring immunity as anything developed in allopathic medicine.  They may be taken for general immuniation or used to increase immune response during seasons of high risk.
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Homeopathy is used to treat generalized anxiety, where the anxiety is unspecified and persistent.  It may also be used where the anxiety is in relation to relatively normal triggers, such as finances, health or well-being of the children or loved ones, or in relation to other specific mental states, caused by jealousy, resentment, guilt, anticipation stress or exams. 

Where the anxiety arises in specific circumstances, it is known as a phobia.  There may be fears of thunderstorms, dogs, the dark, insects, mice, snakes, diseases like cancer or heart disease, crowds, narrow spaces (claustrophobia), heights, hearing bad news, going outside (agoraphobia), flying, evil, or strangers.

Homeopathic remedies may be used acutely for anxiety before a performance, public speaking or exams.  As an adjunct and/or aid, Gemmotherapy, Bach and Australian Bush Flower essences work well.  In these cases, it is best to consult with a homeopathic practitioner for best results.

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